London (James Close) -This is traditional no frills metal with a powerful back bone and some well chosen power chords. Say Muse or a melodic Metallica. Whilst these influences are apparent, this is anything but retro. It is original and is causing a justified stir on the back of the British Nu-Rock craze...


Since first becoming acquainted with Duplex Gage two months ago, I've realised they get everywhere and everyone seems to know who they are. From NME, to Talent Scout to XFM Radio to Internet listings pages, the name Duplex Gage reoccurs often enough to make me wonder what all the fuss is about, and their recent headlining set at the Barfly was a perfect excuse to find out. After all, I'd heard the CD and been sent the t-shirt; surely it was time to check out the band?

By the time Duplex Gage take the stage, the Barfly is fairly rammed with over 100 hardcore fans - the most I've ever seen at an un-promoted gig. As the band launch into a well established set it's evident that the crowd know every single word and are as enthusiastic in their support as the band are in their playing.

Duplex Gage have been gigging long enough to know who they are and how to play to their crowd; singer Ricky is the cockney spokesman with the sultry stare and charm fuelled one liners, whilst their bass player keeps the energy up, firing t-shirts and CDs off into a cheering crowd in between songs.

Musically, too, they seem comfortable with a sound that has had its tweaks and tucks and is now well-rounded and tightly played. The first two songs of the set, 'Never Come Around' and 'Keep it Together' are beautifully constructed to show off Ricky's fantastic vocal range, whilst T-Rex inspired 'Release Me' is a sure fire crowd pleaser.

Duplex Gage are a great band with a strong identity. They're not 'cool' in an obvious sense - the look is somewhere between bedroom goth and European rock codpiece - yet with the likes of Kerrang and MTV2 sniffing around, it can't be long before the infamous Duplex Gage are packing up their eyeliner and breaking out of a scene that they're already too big for.

Claire Dickinson - XFM Radio, London, UK

Xscape Promotions

After being hounded by the bands promoters on myspace I decided it was time to check this South London 5 piece out!
I arrived at Dingwalls in Camden around 8 ish and found the place already rammed with DG fans, which was surprising considering the band was not on stage till 10pm.
As bands go these guys seemed real friendly and down to earth and you could see why they have built such a strong following.
The band took to the stage on time and crowd gathered front of stage, Now looking at these guy's many would be curious as to what kind of show you were in for, but everything becomes much clearer as soon as they launched into the first track 69 which explodes out of a synth track into a back breaking groove, the band gels well onstage however the Image is hard to place.
Now from seeing many unsigned bands around London the one thing that stands out is how the Lead singer works the crowd and how they respond singing every word, now this would seem cheesy to most but when listening to DG's music and the soulful meaning behind the songs you understand why.
I can’t say I disliked any of the material that was performed by the band and in fact 30mins was just not enough time.
Would I see this band again? I have already got my ticket for their headline show at the Barfly.


Liza Bignell
Xscape Promotions